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OMI Soya Ginger Powder Sachet 奥秘豆奶姜茶包 (40g X 10)

RM 45.00

 Ingredient 成份 

Bentong ginger powder, brown sugar and soya powder


Benefits of Ginger Tea: 

1. Carminative, dispels cold and warm stomach

2. Anti-oxygenation defer decrepitude

3. Antiseptic qualities and inhibit tumour

4. Improve sleeping ,appetite and immune ability

5. Alleviate the pain of period

6. Prevent cold and flu

7. Balance the blood pressure and blood fat, prevent from cardiovascular diseases.

1. 驱风,消除寒冷和温暖的胃

2. 抗氧化,延迟衰退

3. 防腐品质,抑制肿瘤

4. 改善睡眠,食欲和免疫能力

5. 缓解经期的痛苦

6. 防止感冒和流感

7. 平衡血压和血脂,防止心血管疾病。